About us

Rinox was established in Italy in 1996 based on the experience gained in the German market since the ‘70s. Meticulousness and rigour, combined with eye for detail, make us a reliable and successful brand.

Our professional experience throughout the years has allowed us to achieve high-quality standards.

Rinox provides high-quality products for a competitive and ever-expanding market. Our great results stem from our design process and the constant verification of the functionality and quality of the materials we use.

Azienda chi siamo
Azienda consulenza e progettazione

Consultancy and planning

We support companies throughout the production process, from measurement and design to the manufacture of the product and its assembly.

With the help of our professionals, architects, designers, interior designers, we develop customised solutions to provide our clients with accurate and efficient products.

We not just a supplier. We are your partner. Our experience and knowledge of materials and possible solutions are the result of constant investment in technological innovation and human capital.

Always at your service.